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Through Gemology, I share my passion for minerals and offer you a line of French cosmetics that are innovative, highly effective, and based on science. Formulas enriched with trace elements and textures that evoke emotions, catering to all beauty routines, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.”
Our Founder

13 years ago,

Gemology unveiled a secret hidden within minerals. After several years of research and with a scientific approach, Gemology extracts trace elements from minerals and incorporates them into skincare formulas.

Since then, our laboratories have been exploring the functions and benefits of these trace elements on the skin. This marks the birth of cutaneous oligotherapy.”

Our Story

Eau dambre bleue

Mousse Cleanser

Mousse Cleanser


At the core of a major innovation, we have developed a technology that allows us to extract trace elements from stones such as Sapphire, Peridot, Ruby... enabling us to stimulate all vital functions to prevent, repair, and protect the skin from the passage of time.

Jean-Claude Bozou Dr


A mineral concept that utilizes trace elements from precious and semi-precious stones, cutaneous oligotherapy


Based on scientifically proven and clinically tested research.


Sophisticated, unique, and highly effective face and body care.


Formulas and sensory textures for an unprecedented customer experience

Our engagements

Since its inception, Gemology has had a very specific goal: To develop premium quality, effective, and technically advanced products based on the use of precious minerals while respecting its consumers. To achieve this, we have:

A strict specification sheet, in line with today's aspirations: Paraben-free, propylene glycol-free, ethanol-free, gluten-free, lactose-free... A commitment to increasingly ethical consumption, with a desire to preserve our planet. Glass jars and bottles, FSC recyclable packaging. No more leaflets, no more paper brochures. A genuine and sincere eco-responsible commitment for several years.

Plastic? We minimize it. Our packs are refillable. Controversial ingredients? We eliminate them. Paper waste? We ban it.

Our Planet

Merci Beaucoup !

Mousse Cleanser

Mousse Cleanser