Our philosophy

At ONE with
- Nature -

• Gemology has decided for several years to engage in a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy without greenwashing, but with a firm and step-by-step approach. Reduction of plastic packaging in favor of glass, recycled and recyclable plastic, sugarcane, elimination of unnecessary packaging inserts and leaflets, development of new natural and environmentally friendly formulas…


• For example, our new concentrates and serums are 99.5% of natural origin.

In this context, the use of natural resources must also be done, as we have just seen, in an ethical and reasoned framework.


• Minerals are the only inexhaustible wealth on earth and our source of inspiration.

We value ingredients that are in synchronicity with planet earth.

We use over 20 different natural minerals to develop and manufacture Gemology products.

The geographical origin of these minerals may vary, but we always demand traceable sourcing and adhere to long-term management of our supplies.

Premium skincare mineral products from Gemology

100% Mineral

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