Our active ingredients from minerals



Rich in Silicon and Iron to hydrate and firm.


Rich in Chromium to regulate and mattify.


Rich in Zinc to soothe, repair, and protect.

Rose Quartz

Rich in Silicon and Sulfur to hydrate and soothe.


Rich in Copper, powerful antioxidant.


Rich in Silicon and Sodium to hydrate and regenerate.


Rich in Magnesium, anti-fatigue and anti-aging.


Rich in Magnesium and Iron, activates microcirculation and increases elasticity.

Mother of Pearl

Rich in Calcium to stimulate cellular renewal. Illuminates, anti-spot, ‘Soft focus’ effect, radiance.


Rich in Silicon to hydrate and purify.

Red Jasper

Rich in Silicon and Iron to purify and increase elasticity.


Rich in Magnesium to tone and regenerate.


Soft focus effect, anti-wrinkle power.


Rich in Silicon and Iron to purify and increase elasticity.


Rich in Iron to stimulate collagen synthesis.

White Quartz

Rich in Silicon to hydrate and revitalize.

Blue Amber

Stimulates the 5 vital functions and activates the immune system.


Rich in Silicon for hydration.


Rich in Iron to stimulate collagen and firm.

Lapis Lazuli

Rich in Sulfur to soothe and strengthen.

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Mineral product
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20 different
natural minerals

to develop and manufacture Gemology products.

The geographical origin of these minerals may vary, but we always demand traceable sourcing and adhere to long-term management of our supplies.

Some minerals come from nearby regions, such as Peridot, which is found in large quantities in the Massif Central in France. Others come from more distant regions, such as Tourmaline, Sapphire, and Opal, which come from Brazil, or Jade originating from Asia.

We source natural raw stones and extract them into liquid form in France, according to our process.

Our ethic

The use of these minerals in Gemology's CSR ?

Gemology has decided for several years to commit to a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy without greenwashing but with firm steps. Reduction of plastic packaging in favor of glass, recycled and recyclable plastic, sugarcane, elimination of unnecessary inserts and leaflets, development of new natural and environmentally friendly formulas...

For example, our new concentrates and serums are 99.5% of natural origin.

In this context, the use of natural resources must also be done, as we have just seen, in an ethical and reasoned framework.

Minerals are the only inexhaustible wealth on earth and our source of inspiration.

These raw materials are natural, but are they ethically responsible ?

This question encompasses two concepts. Firstly, whether these minerals are ethically produced?

Gemology has always been committed to ensuring with its suppliers that mineral extraction occurs under ethical conditions, without questionable financing or child labor.

Secondly, is there a risk to nature due to the use of minerals in cosmetics?

Gemology uses minerals in reasonable quantities. The amounts used in cosmetics are negligible compared to other uses (industrial, jewelry, etc.).

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