Délice de Péridot

 4275 MRP

Anti Aging & Anti Stress Face Oil

Peridot has been proven to act effectively on premature dermal aging. Here, it is combined with the essential oils of juniper, grapefruit and rose for exceptionally effective beauty care.

Pump Bottle – 30ml

It leaves skin visibly relaxed and firmer.

Apply to your face and neck under your customary care cream every morning and/or evening.

Beauty tips & Testimonials
A little trick for dry, sensitive skin: apply this face oil under your mask. This lets you benefit from double effectiveness: a radiant complexion and fully moisturized skin. The oil will enhance mask action.

Scientific findings*
Magnesium from peridot stone decreased premature aging of the skin by 42% in laboratory tests.

* Source : Gattefossée


*Product is guaranteed paraben-free, without propylene glycol or alcohol.


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